kasper / pao
any pronouns, no she/they
may 5
gendervoid, demiromantic, homoromantic, apothiosexual
xenogender hoarder

i have autism and need tone indicators. i tend to ramble on about my interests if im not told to be quiet, right now its enstars and vocaloid. i get easily excited and tend to talk in caps. i like making friends and encourage you make friends with me if you want but i get overwhelmed easily and may have trouble replying. im also very sensitive so please be careful what you say around me. i can't tell my own tone sometimes, im sorry if i come off as rude.

(ignore if were irls or in a priv server)
under 14
dream supporters / dsmp fans
italian /j
youve hurt me or anyone im close to (especially if its weston)(dont ignore this one if ur an irl or in a priv server fuck u dni)
danganronpa fans are on extremely thin ice.

tes park, ses unsolved, genshin simps, bernie end night, and spaghetti r my besties !!! so cool !!!weston i love u so much <33 id do anything for u (12/17/21 <3)

yosuke hanamura (persona 4)
ena (ena)
natsume sakasaki (enstars)
rei sakuma (enstars)
makoto nijima (persona 5)
monomi (dr2)
lemon demon/monster (fnf)
margarita (lps bully school)
claptrap (borderlands)
ann takamaki/panther (persona 5)
arashi narukami (enstars)
boyfriend (fnf)
seiko shinohara (corpse party)
goro akechi/crow (persona 5)
felix kranken (twf)

naomi nakashima (corpse party)
zhongli (genshin impact)
tartaglia/childe (genshin impact)
fukase (vocaloid)
megurine luka (vocaloid)
kagamine rin (vocaloid)
kagamine len (vocaloid)
hatsune miku (vocaloid)
akira kurusu/joker/ren amamiya (persona 5)
goro akechi/crow (persona 5)
naoto shirogane (persona 4)
yosuke hanamura (persona 4)
yu narukami (persona 4)
party poison (danger days/my chemical romance)
irida (pokemon)
morishige sakutaro (corpse party)
veronica sawyer (heathers)
jason dean/jd (heathers)
rui kamishiro (project sekai)
tsukasa tenma (project sekai)
mizuki akiyama (project sekai)
gold (pokespe)
silver (pokespe)
red (pokespe)
blue (pokespe, eng blue not jap blue)
wooloo (pokemon)
maractus (pokemon)
eichi tenshouin (ensemble stars)
rei sakuma (ensemble stars)
kaoru hakaze (ensemble stars)
arashi narukami (ensemble stars)
mika kagehira (ensemble stars)
shu itsuki (ensemble stars)